Radiochemistry with short-lived PET-radionuclides has a history at Turku extending to middle 1970, at the MGC 20 cyclotron installed in 1974. Various 11C-, 13N-, 15O- 68Ga- , 64Cu- and 18F-labelled tracers have been synthesised for both scientific as well as clinical applications. With the installation in 1992 of the IBA 3D cyclotron at TUCH all work on 15O has been carried out on that machine. Later the installations of the CC18/9 and ACSI TR-19 cyclotrons have allowed further expansion and diversification of our activities

Two strong foci can be discerned from the past work.

  • PET-radiochemistry starts in the radionuclide production target. Research with radionuclide production and targetry with the aim of understanding in-target processes, i.e. ”hot-atom” chemistry and targetry. From this follows production of high quality labelling precursors for PET-radiochemistry.
  • PET is a tracer method only if substances are synthesised in tracer amounts. Synthesis of high specific radioactivity 11C and 18F tracers, development of methods and application for production of said tracers.

More about history of Turku PET centre can be found here.