Conference presentations


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Oral presentations:

O-59:Anna Kirjavainen, Salla Lahdenpohja, Sarita Forsback and Olof Solin: Online positron detector for LC/MS/MS.

Poster presentations:

P-004:Salla Lahdenpohja, Noora Rajala, Johan Rajander and Anna Kirjavainen: Simplified synthesis of [18F]NS12137 via copper‐mediated 18F‐fluorination

P-026:Noora Rajala, Salla Lahdenpohja, Johan Rajander and Anna Kirjavainen: Ruthenium‐mediated 18F‐fluorination of phenols at Turku PET Centre

P-031:Olli Eskola, Cheng‐Bin Yim, Tim Johnson, Jörgen Bergman and Olof Solin: Synthesis of 18F‐labelled fragmented antibody [18F]Fab

P-045: Anna Krzyczmonik, Merja Haaparanta-Solin, Olof Solin: Studies on F2‐free UV photon‐mediated production of [18F]F2